Real Deal 30-Minute Meals – Quick, Plant Fueled Meals that Taste Good

This guide is your ticket to quick and tasty 30-minute meals. Enjoy nourishing meals with the family without spending all day in the kitchen. Whether you want hot or cold, sippable or chewable, the 22 meal ideas below will get you from one meal to the next with ease. All of these recipes are plant-based and made with real ingredients. You’ll even be whipping up your own dressings and sauces within ½ hour to pair with these yummy creations.

30 minute meals using plant based ingredients like vegetarian tacos

While I take the time to make homemade pizza from start to finish, I definitely don’t have time to do that on a daily basis. Instead, I turn to many of the recipes below to make sure my family is fed and happy. Which one has you grabbing a meal planner? Drop and comment and let me know what you want to make!

Table of Contents
  1. Healthy 30-Minute Meals
  2. Quick Lunches
  3. Fast and Filling Breakfasts
  4. 30 Minute Meals FAQs

Healthy 30-Minute Meals

A hot meal in 30 minutes or less. I’m in! These meals actually make my weekly menu quite often because they are easy to put together, yet taste like something that took time to prepare. My favorite meals are ones that each family member can customize, so you’ll see a lot of bowls and tacos so that everyone can top exactly how they want.

Simple Vegetarian Ramen

Ramen, the staple food of college students, moves to the head of the class thanks to a plant-based overhaul. Load up this Simple Vegetarian Ramen with your favorite veggies and enjoy!


Vegetarian Ramen recipe
Creamy Potato Curry

Full of flavor and super creamy, this dish will leave you satisfied. Instead of heavy creams and a night full of stomach cramps, this potato curry is 100% dairy free. 


BBQ Jackfruit Tacos

Pulled BBQ jackfruit is a meatless wonder to make all of your Taco Tuesday dreams come true. Jackfruit Tacos only take about a half hour to prepare – perfect for getting dinner on the table in a hurry. 


jackfruit tacos
Zoodles in a Jar

Instant Noodles, meet Instant Zoodles! This healthy melange of veggies is great for work or a quick dinner. It’s also crazy delicious + incredibly nourishing.


Spicy Chickpea Tacos

Slightly crisp roasted beans are a fantastic plant-based filling in these chickpea tacos. Load them up with your favorite toppings and enjoy!


Bieler’s Blended Vegetable Soup

This healing, cleansing blended vegetable soup recipe helps to alkalize the body and bring it back into balance, especially if you’ve been eating too much sugar and/or processed foods. Add collagen powder for a protein boost without altering the flavor or texture.


Almond Butter Sauce w/ Veggies

The almond butter sauce is AMAZING and takes this zoodle dish to the next level.


Quick Lunches

From salads made with homemade dressing to packed veggie wraps with a whole rainbow inside, I’ve got some lunches that can be prepped and packed in 30 minutes. These meals will give you the energy boost you need to conquer the afternoon!

Healthy Pasta Salad

Whether you’re in need of an easy week of lunches or a delicious potluck recipe to share, this vegan pasta salad is for you!


healthy pasta salad
Veggie Wrap with Hummus

Eat the rainbow with this plant protein veggie wrap. It’s got crunch, creaminess and flavor. Plus, you can wrap it however you want!


veggie wrap in sun-dried tomato tortilla
Lemon Arugula Salad

This lemon arugula salad is a feature on any table. It’s got unique (yet findable!) ingredients + an elevated flavor profile that makes me feel like I’m at a fancy restaurant. The perfect salad to mix up your lunch routine.


arugula salad
Vegetarian Noodle Salad

This refreshing noodle salad is a great light lunch or yummy side for dinner. Take it to the beach and enjoy at sunset for the ultimate summer night.


cold noodle salad
Mediterranean Greek Salad Recipe

This colorful salad is as full of flavor as it is color. Your skin will be glowing after incorporating this dish into your lunch routine, and Mediterranean inspired classic!


Gazpacho Soup Recipe

This gazpacho soup recipe is made entirely of raw vegetables. And, of course, we had to add 2 cups of leafy greens—in this case, romaine, which is packed with vitamins A and K. These 2 vitamins are great for heart health.


Blended easy gazpacho soup recipe
Strawberry Arugula Salad

This gorgeous strawberry arugula salad is as delicious as it is beautiful. Topped with a unique vinaigrette, this rockstar salad is for you.


Fast and Filling Breakfasts

I’ve called green smoothies the healthiest fast food for years. You really can’t go wrong with any smoothie recipe, especially when they only take five minutes to make! Yet you also want a breakfast that will keep you full all morning, and the recipes below do just that with less than 30 minutes of prep.

Chocolate Protein Shake

Blend up a creamy, cold chocolate protein shake smoothie made with plant-based superfood protein powder for a delicious meal or snack, or before/after a workout. Includes adaptogens to help ease inflammation.


chocolate protein shake
Healthy Granola with Blueberries

This gluten free granola recipe can be used as a smoothie bowl or yogurt topper, eaten as-is or enjoyed with a plant milk for a decadent cereal. Enjoy straight from the oven or store in an air-tight container to enjoy all week long!


healthy granola in a glass jar
Pumpkin Chia Pudding

Celebrate fall with this quick n’ easy protein-packed snack. Pumpkin Chia Pudding tastes great and is the perfect amount of sweet. Treat it like a dessert, a snack, or a light breakfast.


Creamy Banana Smoothie

Blend your way into a great day with this sweet n’ creamy banana smoothie. It’s got protein that will keep you full, and simple ingredients for natural energy.


Ultimate Gluten-Free Crepes

Get ready to experience the best gluten-free crepe recipe. The nutty, earthy taste of the quinoa marries well with the homemade chocolate hazelnut spread (hello, healthy nutella!), and fresh fruit. Feel free to use pre-made chocolate hazelnut spread from the store to save time.


How to make gluten free crepes
How to Make Chia Pudding

Chocolate chia pudding makes the perfect snack, quick breakfast or unique brunch addition. Use it to top pancakes, inside a parfait or mixed with granola. You may need more than one spoon as it is entirely delicious and shareable!


Easy Flaxseed Smoothie

This is a protein-packed, filling smoothie recipe that’s perfect for a quick lunch or post workout pick-me-up. Easily omit the date if you wanna cut back on the natural sugar.


flaxseed smoothie
Overnight Oats Recipe

Start your day off right with this simply amazing overnight oats recipe thats’s vegan-friendly and gluten-free.


overnight oats recipe

Prep for Success

I find that if I can squeeze in even 60 minutes of food prep before the start of my week, I eat way healthier and cheaper throughout the week. Prep can look as simple as chopping up veggies, meal planning after checking your fridge and pantry, or actually batch cooking a few meals. Here are my favorite things to prep for the week:

Included in each of my cleanse guides is a whole section on prep. While the cleanses are more kitchen-time intense, they give you tools for whole food plant-based eating that you can incorporate into these 30-minute meal ideas. Not ready for a full-on cleanse? Then check out my FREE meal plans complete with shopping lists and weekly menus.

30 Minute Meals FAQs

What can I cook in 30 minutes?

I have a whole list of meals (over 20 options!) that can be made in 30 minutes or less, and they aren’t just salads! Whether you need breakfast, lunch or dinner ideas, I’ve got you covered. Hot and cold meals, and meals you can make once and enjoy throughout the week.

What is the easiest meal?

I call green smoothies healthy fast food because you can make a meal replacement smoothie in five minutes. Yet I’ve also included hot meals on this list of easy 30-minute meals so you’ve got all the options you could want.

Can I make a hot meal in 30 minutes or less?

Yes! Savory chickpea tacos, healthy warm ramen and saucy veggie noodles that are actually filling are great options. I’ve got over 20 recipes that you can make in 30 minutes and enjoy by yourself or with family.

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