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Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie, has been eating naturally for health since high school when she lost an aunt to cancer. She knew her grandmother had died in her 30s of cancer. Both her parents died of cancer. At age 19, Jacquie gave birth to an infant, who had congenital defects. Using totally natural foods and a non-chemical based medicine that simply slowed her heart rate (digitalis) so the heart muscle could heal; by the age of four the defect was gone.

The medical community called it a miracle. Jacquie has grown her own organic foods since 1969, has fasted since 1976, left a meat diet in 1979, and takes no medication: food is her medicine. She offers equine therapy and water therapy to marginalized children in an indigenous village as her doctorate is in special education, bilingual education and socio-cultural studies. She teaches local people through example that the vegan lifestyle and organic raw food are an inexpensive alternative to toxic medications.

Finally, she dances the Zumba with the indigenous grade-school students who she serves as a volunteer English teacher in Central Mexico. Her weight and overall fitness are better at age 66 than at age 15. Her passion is writing about natural health and fitness options for any age.

Prianka Mansur is a nationally certified fitness instructor specializing in Pilates, and general health and well-being. She has spent most of her life searching for ways to better her body and life. After years of following a strict vegetarian diet, she found the numerous benefits of juicing. After months of research and personal experience, she has become an avid supporter of juicing, juice fasts, and a life incorporating a juice diet. She now lives along the Gulf Coast where she teaches belly dance and Pilates, enjoys jogging outdoors, and juicing locally bought fruits and vegetables.

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