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SNAKE Juice Electrolyte Powder is an all-natural and unflavored supplement designed for rehydration and a fasting-focused lifestyle. Our product creates the ideal balance of high-grade electrolytes for active SNAKE Dieters and Keto-Dieters to perform optimally. Whether you’re looking for short to long term fasting, keto-dieting, an athlete or traveling, the balance of potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, pink Himalayan salt, magnesium citrate & boron citrate will maintain your electrolyte balance and hydration throughout the day for maximum performance. SNAKE Juice offers four to five times the electrolyte content per pack and will keep you hydrated.SNAKE Juice is best enjoyed throughout the day as each package is used with 500 ML – 1 Liter of water.

SNAKE Juice BottleSNAKE Juice Bottle

Mix SNAKE Juice in a Glass Bottle for Best Results

Travel with your SNAKE Juice with a glass bottle to ensure there’s no plastic odor or taste that mix with the salts.

Easy Travel StickpacksEasy Travel Stickpacks

Convenient For Traveling

Our easy-open stick packs allow for easy travel and use on-the-go!

Keto StripsKeto Strips

Test Ketones with Precision with SNAKE Juice Urinalysis Strips

Test ketones and pH in one use with SNAKE Juice strips. Ensure you’re staying in ketosis with accurate and fast testing Precise alkalinity (pH) testing, ensure you’re maintaining acid-alkaline equilibrium.

All-In-One testing for pH levels and KetonesTakes seconds for testing results, no need for waiting and easy to use. Just dip & read.100 Test Strips – More than a 3 month supply using a strip daily to keep on top of your ketone & pH measurement daily

Stair ClimbingStair Climbing

SNAKE Juice Electrolytes – Hydration Through Your Journey

A fasting-focused lifestyle requires discipline and hard work. SNAKE Juice helps hydrate through your journey.

SNAKE Juice SaltsSNAKE Juice Salts

30 Packs in Box30 Packs in Box

30 Packs Per Box

30 Servings (stick packs) per box.

Easy-Tear packets and ideal for traveling

Use one pack with the SNAKE Juice bottle, up to three times daily

4x – 5x Electrolytes Per Serving Than Competitors

SNAKE Juice offers the most concentrated and essential source of electrolytes on the market:

Pink Himalayan salt with important trace minerals such as magnesium which aids in your metabolism and synthesis of fatty acids and calcium, a vital mineral to maintain bone health

Sodium Bicarbonate buffers metabolic acidosis created through fasting windows and maintains a healthy pH level and avoid an acidic state

Potassium Chloride avoids muscle cramping and required for full-body hydration and optimal body functionality

Magnesium Citrate is essential to maintain bone health, assist with fighting inflammation & provides energy

Boron Citrate is a powferul mineral to help fight osteoarthritis and provide immune support

Unflavored and non-sweetened electrolyte powder mixes into 500 ML – 1 liter of water to hydrate immediately. High-grade electrolytes including pink Himalayan salt which contains 84 important trace minerals such as magnesium and iron.
Get four – five times the electrolytes of other hydration products without any sugar. Also contains sodium bicarbonate to buffer metabolic acidosis and maintain a whole-body pH equilibrium.
A single packet provides a significant source of daily requirements of electrolytes to avoid dehydration symptoms of headaches, dizziness, muscle cramping and fainting.
Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free, Non-GMO and Vegan friendly.

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