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Using Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops

electrolyte dropselectrolyte drops

Awesome hydrationAwesome hydration

sodium magnesium potassiumsodium magnesium potassium


Fill Your Beverage Of Choice, And If Possible, Know the Approximate Volume. Once your drinking container is filled pour the level of drops into the lid of the pocket flask.

Bottom of the threads for 16 oz. Center of the threads for 24 oz. Fill the entire cap for one 32 oz (1 liter)


Pour Into Your Beverage & Give It A Light Mix. One of the most common drinks to add the electrolytes is water. But you can add these drops to virtually any beverage. Simply pour the measured amount in and give a light mix and you’re good to go.


Know You’re Getting Your Electrolytes Without All The Extra Fillers. You can drink with confidence knowing you’re getting your electrolytes in their purest form without any Caffeine, Sugars, Dyes, or Artificial Flavors. Most simply notice a slightly saltier taste with their drink.

measuring fasting dropsmeasuring fasting drops

Keto Chow designed these drops to be measured with using just the lid!

Yes, you read that correctly. Depending on the volume of water you’re wanting to drink, you can simply use the cap of our pocket flask to help you measure the proper amount to put into your water.

Staying hydrated while on the keto diet is super important. Measuring for your drops is easy.

No Flavoing

No Sweetener

No Colors

















Keto Chow Fasting Drops Are Perfect For Your Busy Lifestyle! Our fasting drops come in 3 convenient sizes. Take them on the go with our Pocket Flask (can treat 2.5 gallons), Large Refill Size (can treat up to 25 gallons), or The BIG Refill (can treat up to 56 Gallons)
Get The Full Spectrum of Electrolytes With This Dr. Approved Blend. A specialized mix of Sodium 220 mg, Potassium 22mg, and Magnesium 36mg (Along With Other Trace Minerals Sourced and Filtered From the Great Salt Lake) “It’s a Great Product that I think can Help A lot of people, Myself Included”. -Megan Ramos with IDM
Fasting Drops Are A Great Solution For Electrolyte Replacement For People With Kidney Concerns, Heart Issues or People Who Need to Limit Potassium Intake; People with kidney concerns or heart issues, who want to replace electrolytes have little options. These drops were designed with your needs in mind.
Avoid Electrolyte Deficiencies By Keeping Up With Your Body’s Electrolyte Requirements. Exercise, diet, or health concerns, there are plenty of reasons you may need to replace your body’s electrolytes, These drops are great for an electrolyte replacement with low magnesium and potassium.

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