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♣This is a highly concentrated version of the squeezed Aronia berry juice reaching 5.4:1 concentration with nothing added. The organic black Aronia species (Aronia melanocarpa) from Poland has been used, which contains higher levels of anthocyanin than purple or red Aronia. ♣ Aronia is a super fruit holding high level of polyphenols, especially the flavonoids that are of research interest for their effects in neutralizing free radicals and boosting immunity in human bodies. Aronia berries contain a distinctively high portion of a certain flavonoid known as anthocyanin, having 1,480mg of anthocyanin per 100g of fresh Aronia fruits. ♣Furthermore, Aronia berries can be considered as a fusion of two major cultures, the East and the West, since they contain quite an amount of catechin-class polyphenols besides anthocyanins, bringing the active ingredients of wine representing the Western culture and those of green tea representing the Eastern culture into one compound. ♣SOME TIPS FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE OF ARONIA JUICE CONCENTRATE : (ⅰ) Please take Aronia juice concentrate after meals. Since the naturally occurring citric acids and tannins in Aronia berries might make you feel uncomfortable on an empty stomach. (ⅱ) It tastes better when mixed with fruit juice, yogurt, milk or honey. Apple juice or yogurt, in particular, is the best match. It can also be applied to recipes of sauce, salad dressing, and cocktail drinks. (ⅲ) It is recommended to drink two tablespoons at a time twice a day. Please start with one spoon once a day then double or triple the amount when you feel comfortable with it. ♣This product needs to be refrigerated after unsealing.

Item Weight‏:‎4.4 Pounds
Manufacturer‏:‎AOS Co., Ltd.

A strong 5:1 organic aronia (black chokeberry) juice concentrate made from Polish organic aronia berries
A few spoons added to your salad dressing, or smoothie will charge you with plenty of antioxidants for the day
100% natural organic without added sugar, additives or preservatives
Pours Perfectly with No Mess or Spills! A convenient container with cool lid that is amazingly clean after every SINGLE use, sparing you the trouble of wiping it out every time.

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