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juicer machinesjuicer machines

Enjoy Fresh Juice, Bring A Healthy Life:

We need enough vitamins from vegetables or fruit juice every day. Centrifugal Juicers allow you to get fresh juice quickly, which help improve your health and immunity.Compared with press squeezer juicers, centrifugal juicers are suitable for more vegetables and fruits, they have a higher juice yield, and are more convenient to use.Compared with slow masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers take less time to get the same juice.Apparently, HERRCHEF centrifugal juicers have both advantages, and they are designed better to facilitate your life and improve your juicing experience.

The package includes

1 * 3 inch wide mouth feeding tube1 * stainless steel blade and filter1 * BPA free filter holder1 * 1200mL pulp container1 * 350ml juicer cup1 * Brushed stainless steel body1 * custom cleaning brush1 * English manual



Healthy Fresh Juice

You can quickly get a glass of fresh juice in just 15 seconds. And you may mix any vegetables and fruits according to your preferences, a quick and easy made glass of juice refreshes you with more fun and health.

Voltage: 120V

Color: Silver + Black

1200ml Pulp Container

350ml Juice Cup


Based on the original structure, we have absorbed our consumers’ opinions and suggestions.

We further compacted the stucture with less volume, while endowed with a more powerful motor, the service life and the juice yield are much improved.

600W 2 Speed Juicer Machines

3” (65mm)Wide Mouth Feed Chute

304 stainless steel, BPA-Free

High-Speed Motor Overheat Protection

Specially Designed Safety Lock Switch

Compact Juicer Machines Structure, Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

Sharp Blade and stainless Filter, Very Easy to Clean

Anti-drip Design



juicer machinesjuicer machines


Quiet Working Environment

The noise at working is not more than 60 dbs, which cause no noise pollution.

Even if you run the juicer for your family at the crack of dawn, it will not disturb their rest .

Strong Power

The newly developed 600W motor provides even stronger power.

You can quickly obtain the fresh juice and increase the juice yield.

And it improves the juicer service life.

Compact Structure

The newly improved stucture of the juicer has set a pulp container base, which helps it stand more stable and more convenient use.

Not only the juice extractor has a more beautiful appearance, but also the pulp container is not easy to slip off.

Easy to Clean

Herrchef juicer is very easy to clean. The entire cleaning process can be completed directly with clean water, and it is equipped with a customized cleaning brush, which is very convenient to clean.

Except for the motor, all other parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher, making the entire cleaning process easier.

juicer machinesjuicer machines

600W Dual-Speed Motor juice extractor

This powerful juicer machine can be freely controlled by the switch at the power of 400W and 600W, to adapt to different needs in different situations, to help better obtain the desired juice and increase the juice yield

“I” low speed:13000-17000 RPM, suitable for soft fruits and vegetables like orange, watermelon, grape, strawberry, tomato, etc;”II” high speed:17000-21000 RPM, suitable for hard foods such as apple, carrot, cucumber,beet, kale, etc.It is not suit for potatoes, bananas, mangoes, sugar cane


Do not leave the juicer running for more than 1 minute at a time. If it has been running for more than 1 minute, leave it cool down for 2 minutes before you use it again.The juicer is dangerous to children. If children use it, they should be supervised by an adult. When the juicer is running, do not open the lid or reach into the juicer.Before juicing, please make sure that the juicer blade and filter are set in place and there is no hard contact with the transparent cover, then cover it, buckle the safety lock, and then turn on the machine.After each use, you need to keep the juicer dry and clean. If you do not use it for a long time, please store the machine in a dry and ventilated place to prevent the motor from getting damp or moldy.

Enjoy Fresh Juices Throughout the Day


juicer machiensjuicer machiens



【Powerful Kinetic Energy】 HERRCHEF juicer machines adopt the newly developed 600W motor, which has more power and longer service life; with 12 rows of sharp 304 stainless steel blades and micro mesh filter, 350ML of fresh juice can be extracted in just a few seconds, more juice extraction power, and less clogging and foaming.
【Two-speed Juicer】 The 65mm (3”)wide-mouth feed juicer can accommodate more vegetables and fruits at one time, and there are two different speed gears which are easy to use. “I” low speed:13000-17000 RPM, suitable for softer fruits and vegetables like orange, watermelon, grape, strawberry, tomato, etc; “II” high speed:17000-21000 RPM, suitable for harder fruits such as apple, carrot, cucumber, beet, kale, etc.
【Safe Design】Juice extractor made of 304 stainless steel and cooking grade materials, 100% BAP-FREE, designed with a safety lock, anti-slip base, overheat and overload protection. If incorrectly assembled, it will automatically stop working, which makes the process much safer. For longer service life, please have it rest two minutes after working for 1 minute before next operation
【Easy to Clean】 Juicer machines adopt latest bottom support design which makes the structure more compact, the installation only in a few seconds. The juicer includes a custom-made cleaning brush that easy to clean, all the parts expcet the motor can be directly put into water or dishwashers for cleaning, which saves cleaning time.
【Our Promise】 HERRCHEF centrifugal juicer provides 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Start your new juicer experience, buy and use with confidence!

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