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Slow juicerSlow juicer

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Why should you have an Acezoe Juicer Machine?

Vegetable and fruit juices give a calming and invigorating feeling as they are packed with some nutrients and have the goodness of the whole veggies and fruits. Intake juices, if you’re among the ones who does not love consuming fruits and vegetables.Fresh juices have 95% of the enzymes and vitamins required by the body to absorb all nutrients. Juices are a necessary part of a nutritious diet. It’s helpful in a few ways, for example, gives radiant skin, keeps our metabolism strong, rejuvenates our body, and improves immunity.

Benefits Of Juicing

Weight Loss Hydrates Your Body Builds Strong Immune System Maintains The Cholesterol Level Regulates The Blood Pressure Radiant Skin, Anti-Aging Detoxifies Your Body Keeps The Body in The Alkaline State Improves Digestion Reduces Inflammation

Upgraded spiral system-7 segments spirally open each cell, which can maximize juice output, reduce oxidation, and provide the most nutrition

Juicer MachinesJuicer Machines

80 RPM SLOW MASTICATING AND GRINDING with High juice, less oxidation, and foam, suit for various fruits and veggies.

kale, oranges, lemons, parsley, cilantro, beets, celery, cucumber, carrots, ginger, spinach, mint, apples, leafy greens, broccoli, lettuce, watermelon, kiwis, pear, mango, and blueberries, tomato, basil, pineapple, etc.

Use slow masticating technology to provide higher juice yield and nutritional valuePerfectly separate juice and pulps to extract higher-purity juiceNoise less than 60 dB, enjoy a quiet and colorful life when making juiceFeaturing a reverse function to prevent getting stuck by pulpsA slow juicer with 80 RPM stays juice fresh and avoids fast oxidationMade of food-grade materials, harmless to the human bodyEquipped with a brush to make the cleaning of each part a breezeEasy to operate with a simple button, saving time and energyDesigned with non-slip pads for added stability

masticating juicermasticating juicer

Juicer MachinesJuicer Machines

Juicer MachinesJuicer Machines

Juice and Pulp Separation

Acezoe juicer can fully squeeze the fruits and vegetables with maximum juice yield. The pulp after squeezed will be very dry. Not waste every drop of juice.

Safe Operation & Low Noise

Very good juicer and safe for kids to use. and even your daughter or son can help to make fresh orange, apple, and mango juice, which is encouraging to know they are getting it fresh from the source with no added other elements.

Child Friendly Juicer

Very good juicer and safe for kids to use. and even your daughter or son can help to make fresh orange, apple, and mango juice, which is encouraging to know they are getting it fresh from the source with no added other elements.

Juicer MachinesJuicer Machines

Physical fitness starts from childhood, teens, adult, the aged. Acezoe slow juicer cares about your health at every stage.

How to Choose a Juicer

Think about your and your family’s health and provide more Nutrition and vitamins for parents and kids.

If your primary reason for wanting to juice is better health, then Acezoe masticating juicer is the best choice for you. Acezoe masticating juicers use a low rpm motor which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens.

Decide if you want to juice greens.

If you plan to juice a lot of greens, your best bet is a masticating juicer. This slower, low rpm process extracts the most juice from leafy greens.

Determine if you’d like to juice wheatgrass

If wheatgrass is something you’d like to include in your juice regimen, you will need an Acezoe masticating juicer.

Factor in a reduction in food waste

Acezoe Masticating juicer will give you more bang for your buck (or more juice for your carrot). If you use our juicer often enough, you will recuperate your wallet over time.

Store your juice longer

Because of the low rpm process used by masticating juicers, little heat is introduced into the juice. As a result, you can store your fresh juices for up to 48 hours, without losing any of the nutritional value. Never worry about having no time to make breakfast in the morning.

Juicer MachinesJuicer Machines

🍏🍎🍊【3 Years of Quality Assurance & 95% High Juice Yield】Acezoe juicer machines adopted 7 levels upgraded spiral auger to ensures fully grinding the fruits and vegetables and extracts up to 95% juice yield which is higher 27% than other cold press juicers.With Acezoe Masticating Juicers, there is less waste, you throw away less pulp and the pulp is much drier which means more juice and increased vitamins
🍇🍓🍍【Slow Juicer with Less Oxidation, More Nutrition】Acezoe cold press masticating juicer uses an 85RPM low-speed motor and fine grinding to reduce heat and oxidation, extracting more essential vitamins and nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon, apple, carrot, gingers, celery, wheatgrass, oranges, cucumber. Best retention of the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies.Very suitable for weight loss people, children, the elder
🥝🍅🍉Pure Juice & Best Taste】Acezoe masticating juicer can perfectly separate the juice and pulp. It extracts nutrients and higher-purity juice from the fruits and vegetables. No need to add water like other juicer.No no need to filter the pomace manually. From now on enjoy the pleasure of pure juice. The juice retains its original taste and flavor. Best Juicer machines for vegetable and fruit
🥤🧃🧉【Easy Operation & Low Noise】Features a safety lock design, Acezoe juice extractor is easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes. The juicer machine does not contain any sharp blades, which ensures safe operation for your elders and Kids. Less than 60 decibels of noise will not disturb your families or shock your pets when you making a glass of delicious juice in the morning
🍒🍈🥕【Clean in a Snap 】Are you still worrying about cleaning? It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious cleaning. Acezoe masticating juicers Machines adopts new technology to change the industry’s hard-cleaning problem, choose Acezoe cold press juicer, you can achieve 5 seconds convenient and quick rinse without brushing. Removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Best Easter birthday, Holidays gifts for parents, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend

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