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Juice FEASTING is a new strategy for long-term detox and cleansing.

The aims of Juice Feasting are to:
Cleanse, Rebuild, Rehydrate and Alkalise.

Do you want to:
thoroughly detox your body?
have more energy and vibrancy?
stop overeating?
lose weight, look younger?
feel incredible ?

Then this indispensable guide will help you to learn how to do just that, using an abundance of fresh, raw juices…

Many people do juice fasts for cleansing. However, often when people fast they take in small amounts of liquid/calories, the metabolism slows, their energy slumps, and they may feel quite ‘dysfunctional’.

Juice FEASTing works differently.

On a Juice Feast, you consume at least 1 gallon/4 litres of fresh raw juice, daily. All of your calorie needs for the day are met by this abundance of juice, so you can go about life as normal. At the same time, your body gets to work on powerful cleansing of your whole system, as you give it a break from digesting solid foods.

Because all your calorie needs are being met on a Juice FEAST, you can safely and easily juice for much longer than on a traditional ‘fast’ – up to three months if you choose. This means you can cleanse your system much more deeply and thoroughly, while still leading a fully functional life of work, play and rest.

Learn how I Juice Feasted successfully and safely for 92-Days and how by following the insightful guidance in this e-book, you can do the same…

This book was written following my own epic 92-Day Juice Feast completed in February 2007. It was a phenomenal experience for me: I released huge amounts of old waste matter and toxins, lost around another 18lbs, my skin became vibrantly clear and healthy, my eyes deepened in colour and I felt amazing energy.

I wanted to share this incredible healing tool, so put together this affordable booklet to answer all the questions I had at the start of the process, along with all those that people asked me along the way…

This book is laid out in an easy-to-follow Q & A style and includes answers to questions such as…
How much do you need to drink and when?
Which kind of juices are optimal?
Which kind of results can you expect?
How much does Juice Feasting cost?
Will you be hungry while Feasting?
What else can you do to aid the cleansing?
What about exercise while Feasting?
How can you travel while juicing?
What about emotional detox?
Where can you get more support? PLUS:

My Top Twenty Tips for successful, enjoyable Juice Feasting

Recipes and Recommendations for Tasty Juices

Highlights from my own Juice Feasting Blog

AND a complete RESOURCES section with links for all the
Recommended Products used during Feasting.

Are YOU ready to JUICE your way to better health and want to know HOW? Then get this popular book today and gain access to all the essential information you are looking for.

Begin your own journey towards amazing transformation, vitality and health TODAY!

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