40+ Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes | Appetizers, Meals, Sides & Desserts

vegan thanksgiving tablescape

If you’re looking to incorporate vegan Thanksgiving recipes into your feast, I’ve got TONS of great recipes that will for sure impress all your guests. Whether you’re a hard-core vegan, plant-based foodie or just trying to add more vegetables to your traditional Thanksgiving feast— you’re in the right place. I chose my top recipes, which all have rave reviews, for you to feature at Thanksgiving.

If you’re trying to go plant-based this Thanksgiving (and not have people cringe) I suggest not including faux turkey or attempting a gluten free, meat-free gravy. It’ll never compare to the real deal, plus 99% of people will be disappointed (even if they won’t say it to your face).

Instead, embrace the plants you love… and make them taste amazing. Honestly, my family raves about these cauliflower buffalo wings way more than any roasted turkey I’ve ever made.

The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Below you will find links to every recipe that I’ve included in the Thanksgiving Menu Planner. I’ve also created a version you can download, save to your phone, or print out to help you select the recipes you wanna make this “plantsgiving.”

If you still plan to have a turkey, there are plenty of recipes here that will go great with it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just the way that works best for you. Use this template to create an entirely vegan Thanksgiving from start to finish, or incorporate these recipes with more traditional favorites for a little healthy flare.

the ultimate vegan thanksgiving recipe planner; 4 courses plus drinks!

Download the Menu Planner to make this Thanksgiving a breeze.

Now that you’ve seen the menu, let’s break it down into courses + vegan Thanksgiving recipes. These are my most popular plant-based recipes, so they will help you win at any Thanksgiving feast. Most are from my blog or from my best-selling recipe book, Simple Green Meals.

If you enjoy this blog post, please share it with friends and family! If you make any of the recipes, make sure to rate them on the blog pages to help others get honest insight into how amazing all these recipes truly are! Don’t forget to tag us @simplegreensmoothies on Facebook and Instagram, as well as #simplegreensmoothies, so that we can feast our eyes on your vegan Thanksgiving creations.

My Top 4 Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes

allstar appetizers for vegan thanksgiving recipes 2020

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is all the snacking that happens during the food prep. These four vegan appetizers are great, light finger foods to share with friends and family. They keep everyone satisfied, even with all the good smells coming from the kitchen.

Top 4 Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes

A festive lineup of vegan Thanksgiving side dishes

Nothing screams autumn like roasted vegetables and warm soups. Pair any of these sides with our vegan Thanksgiving entrees to create a nutrient-dense, delicious feast. I make the blackened Brussels sprouts recipe every year, because it’s THAT good.

I’ve also just created a few more incredibly beautiful (and delicious!) salad recipes. Not only will they taste amazing, they’ll also bring your Thanksgiving tablescape to life:

  • Pear salad with pomegranates :: recipe
  • Fall salad with candied pecans :: recipe

Vegan Thanksgiving Entrees I love

several non-meat entrees to make your holiday meal a total success

The main entree is when it can feel a little “off” without a big turkey in the middle of the table. Yet these 4 vegan Thanksgiving recipes don’t disappoint when it comes to flavor. I recommend making at least one ahead of time so you can perfect them to look and taste exactly the way you like before your big feast.

Healthy-ish Thanksgiving Recipes for Desserts

decadent gluten free and dairy free dessert options for your next holiday meal

This is the course where some vegan Thanksgiving recipes can truly shine. I’d stack my dessert recipes up against non-vegan desserts any day! The Almond Butter Cups, as well as the Rice Crispy Treats, can easily be made ahead of time.

Want more desserts? Check out The Ultimate Plant-Based Dessert Guide! It’s packed with 40+ vegan desserts as well as tips on how to transition to this healthy lifestyle.

Tasty Thanksgiving Beverages

From classic flavors to up and coming ingredients, these vegan beverages will turn up your next thanksgiving feast

I wanted to include some bonus recipes here for you too. Magic happens around the fire or board game table while you’re sipping on a warm drink. I think these delicious favorites will help your guests feel super comfy, as well as keep the good flavors rolling this Thanksgiving day.

Commence the holiday sipping on a warm beverage like cider, hot chocolate or even a matcha latte (for those who still have a long drive home)! The cider can be made in a slow cooker and left simmering all day.

We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones! If you end up making any of these awesome recipes, we’d love to know. Be sure to tag us @simplegreensmoothies so we can celebrate with you.

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